Round Up Dinner: Flank Steak with Lentil Stew

I’m excited to share the first recipe of the second season of Fido & Wine! I love our season premiere – we went to an amazing Border Collie haven where there’s a flock of sheep used only for dog herding. After watching these amazing working dogs in action, Laura cooked us all (as in dogs and peeps) up a proper Round Up Dinner. Fido & Wine is the show that I created, and now have the pleasure of producing and directing, and of course, working on recipes for every member of the family. The half hour episodes air on The Pet Network, a channel dedicated to pets and the people that love them. The PN is available on Rogers and Shaw in Canada (wish it was on Bell!) and this year ANYBODY ANYWHERE can watch some great episodes of Fido & Wine online for free. I work with some awesome folks at the Pet Network, and may I give a special shout out to my Fido & Wine team, including but not limited to (!) Editor/Designer Wes Champion, DP Tom Bellisario – and last but most certainly not least, host Laura Ducharme who has pretty much been with me on this journey since it was a spark in my obviously vivid imagination. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Here is the recipe for the Round Up Dinner. Yes, lentils are great for dogs as they are for us – as with any new foods start with small amounts to get your dog used to them. This stew is totally delish – and Laura’s went mental for lentils as they tested the recipe. It is now a favourite in all of our arsenals.

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